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Published in September 2002,
Saturday Night Soldiers follows the progress of the Territorials in the 4th Lincolns in WW2, from the ill-fated campaign in Norway to Iceland, Normandy, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

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Saturday Night Soldiers is available at bookshops (ISBN 1 902882 51 2) price 16.50 or (signed) from the author, John Benson, 3 Hall Yard, Burton LN1 2RD price 18.25 inc postage.
The Lincolns (ISBN 1 902882 55 5) can be obtained from bookshops for 17.50 or (signed) by the author (address above) for 19.25 inc post and packing.  Almost all of the pictures on this website are included in the book.
All the King's Enemies (ISBN 1 902882 43 1) can be bought at bookshops price 15.95 or (signed) from the author for 17.70 inc postage and packing.

Cheques should be made payable to John Benson.

Overseas buyers please add 3.65 to the prices shown in red above.  Euros in cash are also accepted.

Pictures:  Trustees of the Museum of the Lincolnshire Regiment, Museum of Lincolnshire Life, National Army Museum, His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot (American
Contingent), Lincolnshire Echo, Lincolnshire Chronicle, Eric Croft, Phil Hoyer, Mrs R Gawthorne, Rita Sheridan, Rob Sutton, Steve Vernon, Stan Masters, J O Flint DSO MC. 
Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor.  Thanks to Tony of Cornelius Computers for friendly advice and help.  © John Benson  2014.